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After nine months of searching for a reputable place to purchase a puppy, I decided to purchase from Next Day Pets' website.I chose Kristy King's website, Show Me Toy Puppies.

Kristy King wrote that the puppy I purchased was a toy; weighed 3 lbs. and was paper trained and healthy. Upon taking him to the dog clinic, the puppy had kennel cough; was given deworming shots every two weeks which is considered overkill and weighs almost five pounds.

Be very careful when obtaining information over the Internet.There is much to be said about breeders that are not truthful.

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Don't by a puppy here-

My Yorkie died from IBD, which I was told by the vet is hereditary - that means her parents passed it to her, she would have passed it to her puppies, and her litter mates likely have it as well.

She was 5.

I did everything I could to save her. No other dog will replace her.

Stop breeding so no one else has to hold their baby and watch them die.

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